Scarabeo Camp

Dusty Luxury in Marrakech


Imagine a charming bivouac of a dozen oriental-inspired tents in the most beautiful corners of Morocco. Arriving at the different sites you will be greeted by a smiling team delighted to welcome you to their own small corner of paradise.


Whether it’s a wedding ceremony, sundown birthday cocktails on the hill, a sport and adventure gathering or a romantic dinner under the tent, we’re here to help you create the celebration you’ve always dreamed of.



  • Rue de la Liberté, 3rd floor
    Guéliz - Marrakech, Morocco
  • Tel: +212 (0)662 800 823
  • Tel: +212 (0)662 800 874

Opening hours

  • Monday to Friday
    9h00 – 12h00 and 14h00 – 18h00
  • Saturday
    9h00 – 12h00

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